Thursday, 1 October 2015


I’m back from a long weekend in Copenhagen after a few days of indulging in Danish pastries and Danish design! Since this is a blog about illustration and design I’ll refrain from going on about the pastries and the food in general (fantastic!) and stick to the usual fare of creative finds.

First up, these ‘Flower Me Happy Pots’ by design duo Kristine Meyer and Sabine Lavigne caught my eye in the first shop I went to. They look so good with a cactus or a succulent sticking out of the top and would look excellent in my house too!

Mie Frey Damgaard
I came across Mie Frey’s pregnancy journal in a small shop on Laedergade. The illustrations beautifully reflect the passing weeks of pregnancy with delicate images of a mother-to-be and her growing bump while reflecting the physical changes week-by-week. It’s a lovely book that almost made me wish I a journal-keeping type!

A case of ‘should have bought it when I saw it’, this mini print was just 40DK (a bargain at not much over £4). YapYap, otherwise known as Copenhagen-based graphic designer and illustrator Kristina Gordon, draws inspiration from old Scandinavian folklore. I found this creature on my first day, and was reluctant to commit to a purchase right away. Needless to say, I didn’t get a chance to go back for it!

Studio Arhoj
I really wanted this postcard pack from Studio Arhoj, found in the Design Museum shop. I buy too many though and my postcard count for the weekend was already high.

Vertigo Lamp by Constance Guisset
This impressive light was in Beau Marche on Ny Ostergade. This was my favourite of the design and interiors shops that we came across. Part cafe, part wine bar, part boutique, it was was an eclectic mix of unique finds. Since 'Scandi' style has become very hip, much of the stuff I saw in Copenhagen was similar to what we have here in the UK. Beau Marche though was a little more original, while still giving off a distinct whiff of 'cool'. This light was the stand out item, and something that I would love to own ...if I had a few hundred pounds to spare!

Finally, this craft ale brewery was recommended to us by a Swedish friend and just so happened to have a cosy little bar right around the corner from our hotel. Their beer bottle labels are striking and colourful (the beer is also great!) and designed by Keith Shore, who has illustrated the walls of the bar and the Mikkeller van parked outside the front door of our hotel. He's done a whole bunch of other stuff for them too. I was getting excited about bringing back a few bottles until I remembered we only had hand luggage allowance.