Sunday, 28 September 2014


While travelling around Slovenia earlier this month I discovered an illustrator/ designer going by the name of tejaideja (I don't know how you say it either!). Actually I first came across one of her postcards in Motovun during a day trip to Croatia and then later saw more designs in shops in Skofja Loka and Ljubljiana.

tejaideja has worked with design studios and brands but, a couple of years ago, decided to create her own products. Her postcards are eye-catching and make a refreshing change from the predictable ones usually on offer. The designs also feature on notebooks and breadboards (I bought one - a great souvenir of the trip).

Here's the Piran postcard, which will be the next addition to my kitchen wall gallery!

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

noble rot

I got back from holidaying in Slovenia a couple of days ago to find a delivery of the latest issue of wine, food and music magazine Noble Rot. The magazine is beautifully designed and packed with interesting articles, fab photography and great illustrations.
Issue 5 is particularly exciting for me as it features some of my work!! Here are some wine bottle waiters to accompany a piece on how palates develop with age. If you want to see my other illustration and all the other great stuff in the magazine go and buy it!