Monday, 29 April 2013

pick me up

I went to Pick Me Up at Somerset House last week. The graphic arts festival has been going for 4 years and I've been every year. It's interesting to see the change in the kind of artists that are represented. This year there were more illustrators producing hand finished work, whereas in the past very graphic, vector-based work has been more dominant.  Now it seems that both are being more evenly represented, which makes for a more interesting collection of works. In the first year or two of Pick Me Up there seemed to be a great deal of very abstract squiggles on paper - I am happy to see that this was completely absent from the 2013 selection. Each to their own, but I'm not a fan. I came away with a very nice little print of a tattooed man by El Famoso. Here are some more examples of my favourite illustrators at the show:

Robert Sae Heng

Sunday, 21 April 2013

buenos aires street art

Back from Argentina and here are some fine examples of street art from Buenos Aires. Some drawings from my sketchbook coming soon.