Saturday, 14 June 2014

brighton grad show 2014

It’s graduate show season. Again! Where does the time go? I usually get around to a few, but this year a busy few weeks is dashing any chance of getting the London shows this time round. At least the Brighton show was easy for me to pop into on my way home from work this week.
My absolute favourite, by a long margin, was Angela Hadrill. Her bold watercolours were the most eye-catching works in the room, even more so thanks to her stunning 3d piece – a multi-faceted, hanging object featuring views of seaside cottages, winding streets and sea creatures, with a lighthouse perched on top. I also loved Vivarium, a vivid and luscious concertina book featuring an Adam and Eve-esque couple living in man-made jungle surroundings, much like one of the glass houses at Kew Gardens. Stunning work.

I really enjoyed Tomas Rooney’s work as well. His pencil and ink drawings had a great sense of narrative and the characters and settings were instilled with mystery. I could see it working well as an awesome graphic novel or animation.

Here are the pics...

Angela Hadrill

Tomas Rooney