Friday, 20 September 2013

the paper cinema

The first time I saw The Paper Cinema was at in 2008 Toynbee Studios in East London where they performed East with live music played by Roger Eno - I'd never seen anything like it before. Founders Nicholas Rawling and Imogen Charleston manipulate cut out, intricate and beautiful illustrations in front of cameras creating a live animation that is projected onto a screen.

Last might I went to see The Odyssey, their new show currently playing at The Old Market in Hove. It's incredible and it feels more developed. They now use two cameras to create a multi-layered effect and employ clever techniques to create a sense of movement, speed, and distance, not to mention an incredibly effective atom bomb-like explosion. It's impossible to watch what is happening on screen without taking sneaky looks at what Nicholas and Imogen are doing in front of the camera to achieve the effects.

I can't conclude without mentioning the wonderfully inventive soundtrack performed live by musical director Christopher Reed along with Hazel Mills and Quinta. A violin cleverly mimics the sound of an outboard motor, a drill is a motorbike and gravel in a tray is the sound of walking. All alongside music beautifully composed specifically for The Odyssey. You can listen to some of the music here, and scroll down for a video clip.