Thursday, 23 May 2013

new fashion photography

Now for a bit of shameless publicity for my husband's recently published book on fashion photography. He spent two years working on the content, gathering the images and designing the pages as well as managing the printing. The result is a visionary (and stunningly designed) book full of bold and beautiful photographs that captures the zeitgeist of fashion photography. Covering diverse styles and techniques, some of my favourite images are theatrical and cinematic such as those by Aram Bedrossian, Kourtney Roy and Ruven Afanador. New Fashion Photography by Paul Sloman is published by Prestel and is out now. My opinion might be biased but why not find out for yourselves! Buy it here! Meanwhile, feast your eyes on these photos:

From the top:
Aram Bedrossian, Kourtney Roy, Ruven Afanador